Blue Eyed Baby

Blue Eyed Baby
Blue Eyed Baby named after a cute little who has my heart. Each headband is unique in it's own way just like the sweet kids who this headband will help provide swim lessons for. Yep, your purchase will provide one day of swim lessons for a inner city child this summer. Thanks for making a difference!
 Easy As 1-2-3
  1. Wrap it around your head (ponytail, bun, wrist) 2. Twist it in place 3. Now Smile because you just changed the life of an amazing kid!
Many items are made with upcycled fabric (recycling at it's best by making something new from something old to include thrift store shirts, pajamas, etc...) that have been donated, thrifty shopping or purchased to support local mission stores.
Headbands are made approximately  1.5- 2" wide and 30"-32" in length.
Hairbands are approximately 14"-16" in length and most without end trim.
Made with high quality cotton fabric and made with lots of love! (my 90 year old grandmother helps me sew!) Light weight bendable but durable wire sewn inside.
Laundry Instructions: They can be washed by hand and air dried. *Please do not put them in the washer or dryer. I'm not one to iron but they can also be ironed by hand.
*all proceeds to benefit kids who just need a little helping hand!
$ 15.00